Law Office of Edward J. Reyes
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What We Do

What We Do


With many years of practical experience, Edward has helped 1000s' of people with their personal injury needs. Then in 2004, served many families with their real estate dreams of home ownership. In addition, Edward is heavily involved in the community and serves on many non for profit organizations.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the highest form of representation. We do this by really getting to know you and your personal situation, then we work dilegently to discover the deep rooted issues. Persistence, hard work and personal touch is what we are all about. Communication is paramount in resolving any issue or goal to be accomplished.  Here, we want you to leave feeling like you are part of our family.

“Edward really cares about his clients and really fights for all his clients. He treats his clients like people, not like a dollar sign. I highly recommend him!”
— Chevy S, Past Client and now friend

Area(s) of focus

  • Personal Injury 
  • Contract disputes
  • Real Estate law and Sales 

Since 2000, Edward Reyes has been helping auto accident and personal injury victims. While previous owning a doctor's office his office treated 1000s' of auto accident and personal injury patients. Edward understands that this is a delight matter and that care is paramount to recovery. This care and understanding carries over to now his law practice. As a result, Edward has a more profound understanding on how to best serve the client. Edward then sold the clinic and decided to go to law school. 

During law school, Edward decided to focus his  energies on real estate sales. He has helped many people achieve their goals of homeownership. His real life experience and his legal knowledge has been proven invaluable in helping protect his clients from pitfalls that may come up. 

All these real life experience, couped with years of education have been priceless in having a deeper practical understanding of how to better serve you.